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I am so excited! I just had to write to you.... Today is the second to the last day of school for us and I did the post test of my Quick Phonics Screener on Amber (the student I'm tutoring) just a little while ago and she improved dramatically!!!! In her pretest she scored 133 out of 200 (66%) possible words. Today in her post test she scored 183 (91%)out of 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just thrilled. I called her mother immediately. No wonder people love to teach! There is so much gratification when we get to see even one child succeed! Just wanted to share!
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My class group only made it to page 55 before the end of the school year, which is roughly halfway through the "Phonics Steps to Reading Success" program. The average student increased 6-7 levels (roughly school grades) in the space of merely hours and only half the program! That is amazing! 
–Connnie R.
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