Explicit Phonics is proven to be the best way to learn to read!

Many times, readers may think that there is something wrong with their own reading capabilities. 
In fact, readers may have been taught to use error-causing strategies and the readers are  very good at using the very bad strategies that they have been taught.

Phonics Steps to Reading Success is one of the most inexpensive and yet most effective programs you can buy!
It is research based and effective for anyone, ages 9-99,  who wants to read and spell better.

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How PSRS Works

A Fast-Paced Word-Attack System for Developing and Improving Reading Skills

Phonics Steps to Reading Success is most effective because it teaches students systematically to read synthetically, accurately blending sounds left to right.  With accurate reading, comprehension increases!

The program has proven effective with:
  • Average readers
  • Comprehension problems
  • Learning-disabled and at-risk students
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Illiterate and functionally illiterate adults
  • Dyslexic readers of all ages who have never had explicit phonics

Phonics Reading Program
Phonics Steps to Reading Success
Imagine your life if you could not read.
If you can read, you can teach others how to read.
If you want to learn to help others to read,
you are at the right place! Edu-Steps can help!
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Why Students May Struggle With Reading?

Do you know someone who reads by guessing, substituting words, skipping words?  There may be nothing wrong with them. They simply may doing what they have been taught in school.

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