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Teaching Reading

The Reading Wars

Why do they make teaching reading harder than ABC?

Illiteracy in America - Free, online book by Harry Hattyar

Using research and reason in education

National Right to Read Foundation America

Whole Language

The Phonics vs. "Whole Language" Controversy

Whole language takes on golf

Can dyslexia be artificially induced?

When a child is labelled dyslexic.

Is the shoe perhaps on the wrong foot?

ADD or can't read?

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Ritalin, Drugging Children, and Psychiatry

Coping with language delay

Parent's for evidenced based education

Where do languages come from?

Spelling Language

A Critique of Invented Spelling

The new illiteracy - invented spelling.

This society campaigns for the simplification of English spelling

Reading Recovery