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Edu-Steps understands that true self-esteem begins with the ability to read efficiently and fluently.  Many students suffer from the private knowledge that they cannot read their own homework.  These students frequently guess at difficult words, become easily frustrated, and incorrectly assume that they are "just dumb."  This is not true! 

Often students are simply not taught correctly.  Phonics Steps to Reading Success provides children with the confidence and skills necessary to tackle any word.  With Phonics Steps to Reading Success, parents do not need a background in reading education. The program allows them the flexibility to work directly with their children to overcome poor reading habits and achieve reading success!

Phonics Steps is most effective because it teaches students systematically to read synthetically, accurately blending sounds left to right.  With accurate reading, comprehension increases.

Phonics For Parents
PSRS Is What It Says:

PSRS teaches learners how to read and spell, based on SCIENTIFICALLY BASED READING RESEARCH!

PSRS does not require teaching experience to teach the program. 

PSRS is economical, unlike other programs costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  PSRS does not require extensive, expensive training to teach.

PSRS can increase reading levels by more than a few years with most older students, ages 9 to 99!

PSRS takes on average 12-15 hours of instruction, or less, depending on the student and circumstances. (English learners, obviously, take more time.  However, with a knowledge of phonics, English learners can become fluent in English much faster!)

PSRS is goal driven, not merely activity driven.

PSRS is fast-paced and fun!

On a personal note, this program also helped my 5th grade son.  We thought that we were going to have to retain him in 5th grade because of his grades.  After he went through the program, his grades improved to A’s and B’s, and his distractive clowning behavior disappeared.  He is a popular, academically successful student.  Phonics Steps made a great change in his life and in mine as his parent. He didn’t have a learning problem.  He just had a decoding problem. This is an outstanding program. 

~ Mary Lou Rogers, Principal, Phoenix, Arizona (K-6th grade)