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PSRS provides easy, direct instruction in phonemic awareness, word attack skills and spelling. It can be used for large classes, small groups, and one-on-one instruction.  

 Learners may gain the ability to read several reading levels higher after only a few hours of instruction.

 The program takes only 10-20 hours to complete and does not require extensive preparation and background materials. Instruction can be for as little as 10 to 45 or more as needed.  Easy "start and stop" format. 

English learners may take longer. Once they understand  English (phonics) students can use dual-language dictionaries to advance rapidly and confidently in English vocabulary and communication.

Classes using the program have demonstrated increased achievement on state, district, and classroom level tests of all types. Teachers report that student participation increases, classroom management improves, attendance rises, and disciplinary problems decline. 

The reason is straightforward. Students know when they are being taught.  Teachers and students see the results immediately. 

Phonics Steps provides teachers: 
  • Specific instruction in blending, to establish smooth left to right eye-tracking skills and fluency.
  • Training in use of context clue analysis, to find the meaning of unfamiliar words and passages. 
  • Proven methods for expanding lessons, including reading decoding, comprehension, writing, spelling, context clues and vocabulary 
  • Clear instructions for educators with little or no phonics background, 
  • Zero to very little preparation for each lesson.
  • Effective techniques for immediate practice and reinforcement.
Your program is perfect for high school special education students. Your program is the only one I found that is age appropriate for high school students as well as adults. My students have grown tremendously. They no longer guess; they attack the words and sound them out. Some of my students have jumped in their decoding abilities by several years. Their spelling is significantly better as a result as well. 

~Rachel J., Instructor: