Personal One-to-One                              Tutoring by Pat Doran, M.Ed.
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If you or someone you know -- child, youth, or adult -- has difficulty reading, comprehending, or simply wants to learn to read and spell better, 
contact expert Pat Doran, M.Ed. or 480-570-3888.

Who can benefit?
     ~ Struggling readers of all ages who exhibit the following:
         > Symptoms of dyslexia.
         > Guessing, word-substitution, reading the first part of a word or guessing at
             the rest of the word, skipping.
     ~ English language learners.​
     ~ Individuals who want to read and/or spell with more accuracy.

Learn from Pat Doran M.Ed, author, literacy expert, college-course developer and instructor, and leader in the field of reading instruction.

This effective, fast-paced tutoring experience taught by Pat Doran in an in-person, one-to-one private setting provides thorough instruction using the Phonics Steps to Reading Success program that she has developed.

Her positive, uplifting, effective tutoring focuses on the research-proven phonics path that parents, administrators, and educators of all levels should seek to teach and understand.

Pat's teaching helps children, youth, and adults to be the most successful capable, lifelong readers. No excuses!

Average time for most English-speaking  students complete the program:  
12-15 hours for learners age 11 years and up, including adults.
  • Average Tutoring cost per hour: $50 per hour 
  • Average total tutoring cost: $600. 
  • Phonics Steps to Reading Success book and Student Spelling and Vocabulary Journal are required: $60.
  • No contracts. 
  • Additional lessons available at $50 per hour.​  (English-language learners and younger learners require more time for practice and review.)

What the Student Will Learn

In this average 12-15-hour training session,
 students will:

  • Learn directly from Pat Doran, M.Ed.
  • To recognize and avoid error-causing
  •  strategies to improve reading and spelling.

​Tutoring Location: 
The Biltmore area
Camelback and 24th Street area.
East of Highway 51, Highland exit.