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Are you concerned about yourself or someone you know 
who has difficulty with reading and spelling? 

Explicit Phonics is proven to be the best way to learn to read and spell!

Many times, readers may think that there is something wrong with their own reading capabilities.  

In fact, readers may have been taught to use error-causing strategies and the readers are very good at using the very bad strategies that they have been taught.

These students have been taught to:

  • guess at words;
  • substitute words;
  • skip words that are difficult; 
  • read the first few letters of a word and then makeup the rest; 

When they spell, they get some of the letters correct and sometimes reverse others.

In approximately 10-20 hours, English-speaking readers can improve their reading levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and even more grade levels!

Phonics Steps to Reading Success is an inexpensive, fast-paced word attack system for developing and improving reading skills. It has demonstrated success in dramatically improving reading, both in the classroom and individual instruction. 

PSRS teaches learners how to read and spell, based on scientifically-based reading research.

You can purchase the materials for your own use at home or in the classroom. (See the Products page.)
You can contact Pat Doran, M.Ed. about private tutoring in the Phoenix, Arizona area. (See the Training page.)

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