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Pat Doran M.Ed is the founder and and president of Edu-Steps, Inc.  She is a literacy expert and a leader in the field of reading instruction. As an experienced educator, she has devoted her life to work with underprivileged students and adults who struggle with limited reading skills. She has developed a truly innovative, effective literacy program that could be an essential part of your efforts either in your home with your children, or in the classroom with your students.

As a highly successful educator for more than 45 years (!), she has seen what works and what does not in the literacy education.

 As a result, she developed Phonics Steps to Reading Success, A Fast-paced, Word-attack Skills Program For Older Learners, a research-based, dynamic, fast, efficient, cost-effective reading education program for improving reading skills at all levels. It is based on the most current scholarly research and has proven highly successful in the classroom. 

She also authored The Secret Club: Why and How We Must Teach Phonics and Essential Literacy Skills to Readers of All Ages as well as university and online courses for teachers in reading education and decoding.

Her success with elementary, junior college students and adult illiterates fuels her passion. There are no excuses, no other options. She encourages those who can read to help and to share this invaluable gift with others.

It was just as true on her first day as a teacher as it is today: those who cannot read cannot succeed!

Pat Doran encourages those who can read to help share this invaluable gift with others.  It doesn't matter where you come from, it matters where you decide to go!

"Thanks for showing me how easy it was to learn how to read. Thank you for showing me that I am okay, that there is nothing wrong with me.  thanks for taking away the feeling I have lived with for most of my life that I was no good."

~ Jim Janssen, 38-year-old, author of future publication, Honor Roll Illiterate.

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Are you interested in private tutoring or an exciting, informative workshop based on Pat Doran's compelling, effective, and informative strategies of systematic (orderly presentation of concepts) and synthetic (blending sounds left to right)? 

Students can learn to read and pronounce tens of thousands of words instead of just hundreds of words. Comprehension increases when students are reading with accuracy.  Pat makes it simple and effective! Moreover, she makes it COST-EFFECTIVE!

Pat Doran can address issues such as literacy issues, causes, behavior problems, consequences, and corrections. For additional information about Pat Doran's tutoring and presentations, contact us.
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